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Call and Contact Center Expo USA

April 24 - April 25

LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89109, United States

The Call & Contact Center Expo US provides unparalleled coverage to companies, organizations and professionals that work within the customer engagement, IT, and telecommunications industries.

The event is set to showcase the latest tools, products and solutions for customer experience and support as well as advancements and developing strategies in telecommunications, blockchain, cyber and smart security solutions, and many other key factors in managing a call center or customer engagement business or department. Attendees can take full advantage of…

Sourcing Products & Services

With over 300 of US leading suppliers all under one roof, take advantage of countless free consultations, demonstrations & presentations from some of the most advanced CX solutions on the market. Revolutionize your business communication methods and give your brand the cutting edge customer support and service your competitors wish they had.

Industry-Leading Keynote Speakers

Our KeyNote speakers deliver transformative information, news and trends on key aspects in the customer engagement world that separate them from their competition. On their ascension to the forefront of CX & UX, our speakers bring cutting edge knowledge and reports for the benefit of our visitors. This is the opportunity to understand the specifics of advanced communication and contact methods to engage and support your customers like never before.

Over 100 Seminar Sessions

Tailored to cover every aspect of the industry, seminar sessions provide the advice and methods your business needs to effectively enhance customer engagement. With intelligence that benefits both the seasoned CX leader or curious newcomer, visitors are guaranteed to find the customer engagement advice that will take your communication and support methods into the next decade.

Concentrated, Efficient Market Research

In an industry characterised by customer satisfaction, support, and engagement through innovative methods and technology, The Call and Contact Center Expo is the lucrative hub where exhibitors, speakers and suppliers are in person and onhand to provide invaluable industry insights. Staying ahead of competition with this event’s industry leading minds and research is what ambitious visitors will discover to acquire the leverage to surpass previous customer engagement expectations.

Networking Opportunities

Compare notes, exchange business details, and develop lasting partnerships with thousands of like-minded professionals. Learn from their mistakes and successes to rethink your customer engagement strategy, while making invaluable new business connections that will last a lifetime.

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April 24
April 25
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3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109 United States
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