When you’re in the business of selling cars, reputation is king. And in the online world, building that reputation, or recovering from a one that’s less than stellar, can be the difference in your success. There are several factors that contribute to your online reputation, and live chat technology for car dealers can be a part of it. Here are 3 ways live chat can help:

When buying a car, there is a lot of room for misunderstandings, and the stereotype of a car dealer ripping off customers can come with the territory. To overcome this, being as open as you can with your customers can go a long way with them. “Make it a point in everything you do to be completely transparent and provide full disclosure,” advises Manny Khoshbin, president of The Khoshbin Company. Having live chat technology on your dealer website allows your customers and potential customers to ask questions in a no-pressure environment. Plus, they can get a written transcript of the conversation so they can refer back to it later.

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