Today’s guest is Michael Todasco, Writer about Generative AI. Mike joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone and shares how he got his start in Generative AI and how much it has changed his life. Mike also discusses why he thinks people should embrace AI. Be sure to listen in on Mike giving his advice on how to build a better connection with your customers!

While he was at PayPal, Mike was responsible for innovation for the company about, how they get more out of the people who work there.
Michael wants people to embrace AI. He believes that when you work with AI or a computer, it will result in better solutions.
It is important for everyone to know what their competitive advantage is and what their end goal is or what they want to achieve.
Michael believes that in order to get proprietary information about your customers, you have to stage a gated experimentation process.
Michael has experimented and written a book using an Excel spreadsheet. He would take what was written in Excel and paste it into Chat GPT to craft 56 different writing genres.

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