Your dealership does not want its customers to be afraid they might get ripped off. You want them to know they are getting the best deal possible. SMS or traditional Live chat channel lets your customers talk to real people in real time anonymously—no pressure to buy, just a helpful experience. A natural way to build trust and credibility with customers is by allowing them to describe their questions and then giving honest, helpful answers. Live chat is a vehicle for this sort of communication. These personalized and comfortable conversations let your customers know that you’re there to help, not just make a profit.

Instant gratification for car buyers is easily achieved with Live chat and is a natural component of the car-buying experience. Instead of being in a situation where they might feel pressured, live chat allows your customers to weigh their options in the comfort of their own homes. This environment simultaneously saves time (because they don’t have to travel anywhere or wait for help) and allows customers to take as much time as they need.

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