Organizations are taking a cautious approach to Generative AI — the Large Language Model (LLM) powered ChatGPT-like applications that have burst onto the technology and consumer scene. Increasingly, the C-suite is trying to factor in how LLMs and Generative AI will be part of their digital transformation roadmaps.

Unrealistic expectations of LLMs as a magic solution to managing corporate content without requisite human involvement
Generating responses misaligned with company policies or brand image
The knowledge is cut off when LLMs are not trained with current knowledge or knowledge of the organization, and therefore cannot produce answers.
Difficulty distinguishing between creative outputs and fabricated responses (hallucinations)
Absence of clear audit trails and citation sources
Decisions around training models: balancing usefulness with the threat of exposing trade secrets or other proprietary knowledge
Potential financial burden of using proprietary LLMs and related enterprise software platforms

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