If you are implementing or re-designing an existing SMS Chatbot, this article is for you. Here, we review all the basic principles of SMS Chatbots and their best applications. We discuss the major differences between SMS Chatbot and a traditional web chatbot. We also show examples of successful SMS chatbot implementations powered by conversational AI. 60.9% of website visits coming from mobile devices so SMS must be a part of your marketing and customer service strategies.

Once upon a time, there was a store and it had customers. Those customers had questions that needed answers. So the business hired associates to answer customers’ questions. Then, people invented the internet. The business built a website and added live chat. It then asked its associates to respond to chat inquiries as well as phone calls and in-store customers. Then people invented SMS, so the business asked its associates to answer questions that come in via customer texts, too. There were so many questions coming that the business needed to hire more associates which depleted the store’s profits.

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