1. Here is a list of achievements of an employee. Please write their performance review for me from this list [Add list].
  2. Here is a copy/paste of a large Slack thread. Please summarize each person’s thoughts from the thread, using one bullet point per person [Add thread].
  3. Here are the OKRs for my team. Please generate a slide presentation about them.[Add OKRs].
  4. Prepare me a professional checklist to use for conduting employee performance evaluation
  5. Review the employee job description and expectations [Add description]. Now set clear performance objectives and goals strategy for the employee to achieve. Write them in such form that I would have to just add numbers in the brackets.
  6. Give me suggestions, how can I provide feedback that is specific, objective, and actionable during the employee performance evaluation?
  7. Provide me a list of questions to ask the employee during the employee performance evaluation.
  8. Generate an action plan for employee improvement, which includes setting new goals, outlining specific steps for improvement, and establishing a timeline for progress. Write it in a manner where I should just add the numbers in the brackets.
  9. Here is a copy of the performance evaluation meeting with the employee. Please write a summary with key objectives.