1. [Describe your target customer segments]. Help me identify which customers are most likely to participate in a referral program. Consider factors such as loyalty, social influence, and the level of engagement they have with our brand.
  2. [Describe your business]. Help me determine an advanced and effective referral reward structure. Determine what incentives we will offer to customers who refer their friends or family to our business. Consider options such as cash rewards, discounts, or exclusive perks.
  3. [Describe your customer journey]. Determine the best stage of the customer journey to promote the referral program. Consider if it should be introduced during the onboarding process, after a customer has made a purchase, or at another touchpoint.
  4. Help me develop a referral program landing page. Determine the design and content that will be most effective in promoting the program to customers. Consider using persuasive copy, compelling visuals, and clear calls to action.
  5. [Describe your target customers]. Determine the most effective channels for promoting the referral program to our customers. Consider options such as email, social media, in-app notifications, or other channels based on customer behavior and preferences.
  6. Determine how we can track and measure the success of the referral program. Consider using metrics such as: – the number of referrals – the conversion rate – the cost per acquisition or others to evaluate its effectiveness.
  7. Help me develop a system for tracking and rewarding referrals. Determine how we will verify the referral and deliver the reward to the customer. Consider using referral tracking software or other tools to streamline the process.
  8. Determine a strategy how we will communicate the referral program to our employees. Consider providing training or resources to help them promote the program effectively and ensure they understand the rewards structure.
  9. Determine how we will handle customer feedback or complaints related to the referral program. Consider setting up a feedback mechanism or process for addressing any concerns.
  10. [Define your referral program]. Determine how we will make the referral program shareable and social. Consider adding social media sharing buttons or other features to make it easy for customers to share the program with their friends and family.
  11. [Describe your customer demographics]. Determine the most effective messaging and visuals for promoting the referral program to our target customers. Consider if we need to tailor our approach based on age, gender, location, or other factors.
  12. Help me determine a strategy how we will continuously optimize and improve the referral program. Consider conducting regular reviews, collecting feedback from customers, and making necessary adjustments to ensure the program remains effective and competitive.