1. Develop a compelling speech on [Add the topic of the speech] that will inspire the audience to take action. The speech should include these sections: – Funny and engaging opening – Have three inspiring paragraphs on [Objective 1], [Objective 2], and [Objective 3]. – Strong closing. The speech should sound funny, yet professional.
  2. Conduct thorough research on the best previous conference speeches on the [Topic]. Write me a 5min speech for the [Add the title of the speech]. Make sure it will stand out.
  3. Develop an outline for your speech, including the [main point 1], [main point 2], [main point 3], and add any supporting examples or data. Use this outline to create a first draft of my speech that clearly communicates ideas and engages the audience.
  4. I have expertise in [Add your expertise]. I will be talking at the conference on the topic [Add the speech title]. Create a speech that provides unique insights and actionable advice. What three main takeaways will my speech will provide to the audience?
  5. [Add your target audience]. Tailor my speech to the target audience by understanding their needs, pain points, and motivations. Here is the copy of my speech for you to improve [Add copy of the speech]/
  6. Write a strong, engaging, and funny opening paragraph for my TedX speech on the [Topic].
  7. Act as a professional public speaking consultant and provide me with the list of tips on how to give a great and memorable speech. Write me a bulleted list with advanced suggestions.
  8. Act as a copywriter. Please provide constructive feedback on my speech. Include: – What could be improved. – Which parts I should highlight. [Add copy of your speech].
  9. Give me a list of suggestions, on how I could entertain the audience during my speech by including them. What exercises I could give for the volunteers if I invited them on the stage?
  10. I am presenting at a conference on [Add the topic of the conference]. Can you help me come up with a powerful and memorable message that will resonate with the audience and leave a lasting impression?
  11. My speech is on a serious topic that requires sensitivity and tact. How can I effectively address this topic while maintaining a positive and engaging tone throughout my presentation?
  12. I want to incorporate multimedia elements into my speech, such as videos or images. How can I do this in a way that enhances my message and keeps the audience engaged?
  13. I have a limited amount of time to deliver my speech. How can I make the most of this time and ensure that my message is effectively communicated to the audience?
  14. My audience consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. How can I ensure that my speech is inclusive and relatable to everyone in the audience?
  15. I want to end my speech with a call to action that motivates the audience to take action. How can I do this effectively and inspire the audience to make a difference?