1. [Describe your business]. Identify the potential value proposition. Provide a clear description of the main problem that my [target audience] might be facing and how my [product/service] solves it better than any other solution available in the market. Be sure to include [unique selling point].
  2. [Describe your business]. Help me define target customer segment: Identify the specific characteristics, demographics, and psychographics of my potential target customers. Determine their pain points, motivations, and whether they are price-sensitive or quality-focused.
  3. Analyze potential marketing channels: Determine the channels through which I could raise awareness about my [product/service]. Evaluate the pros and cons of each channel, including social media, email marketing, paid advertising, or other options. Be sure to include how I could measure their effectiveness.
  4. Here are my key business activities [List]. Determine, how the key activities will help to create, deliver, and capture value. Determine if I need need to hire employees, outsource tasks, or partner with other businesses. Consider how to ensure my [product/service] is of high quality and meets the customers' needs.
  5. [Describe your business]. Help me Determine the key resources my business requires to operate successfully. Consider physical assets, intellectual property, human capital, or financial resources. Determine how I might acquire and manage these resources for sustainable growth.
  6. [Describe your business]. Help identify potential revenue streams for my business. Consider using: – subscription model – one-time purchases – freemium model. – Other possible models. Determine if you will have multiple revenue streams or focus on one core revenue stream. Determine how can I price my [product/service].
  7. [Describe your business]. Help me evaluate potential risks and challenges that could impact my business. Ask all the additional questions you might need to give the best result. Consider the market competition, regulatory environment, economic conditions, and other factors that could affect my business. Determine how I could mitigate these risks.
  8. [Describe your business]. Help me create a roadmap for launching and growing my business. Determine the key milestones and timelines for product development, marketing, customer acquisition, and revenue growth. Determine how I will measure progress and adjust the plan as needed. Ask more questions if needed to provide a better result.
  9. [Describe your business]. Identify potential funding sources for my business. Consider self-funding, bootstrapping, venture capital, angel investors, or other options. Determine how I will use the funding to achieve my [business goal 1], [business goal 2].