1. Act as a marketer. I want to understand the behaviors and attitudes of my [target audience]. Design a survey that will help me collect comprehensive data on their demographics, interests, purchasing habits, and preferences.
  2. I am launching a new product in a highly competitive [Describe the market]. Conduct a competitive analysis that will provide me with insights on the: – strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats of my competitors.
  3. I want you to act as a digital marketing coach. I will provide you with information about my business and my marketing goals, and your role is to help me create a digital marketing plan. You should use your knowledge of digital marketing channels, social media platforms, search engine optimization, and content marketing in order to create a personalized plan that helps me increase my online visibility, generate more leads, and grow my business. My first request is "I need help creating a social media marketing strategy."
  4. I want to identify the most effective marketing channels for my [Describe product or service]. Conduct a multichannel attribution analysis that will help me determine which channels could be driving the most conversions and ROI.
  5. I want to test the effectiveness of my marketing messaging and creative assets. Design an A/B testing experiment that will help me identify which variations are resonating most with my target audience.
  6. Develop a comprehensive market research report on [Add the product or service]. The report should include the following sections: – Introduction – Market overview – Competitor analysis – Target audience analysis – Marketing strategy recommendations The report should provide actionable insights that can be used to improve the marketing strategy of the product or service.