1. [Describe your target audience]. Help me identify the most effective keywords for targeting our audience in the [Industry]. Consider the search terms they are likely to use, their location, and other demographic and psychographic factors.
  2. [Describe your target audience and industry]. Help me determine the most effective ad copy for our campaigns selling the [Product]. Consider using persuasive language, clear calls to action, and any unique selling points that differentiate us from our competitors. Here is a list of good examples [Add list].
  3. [Describe your target audience]. Determine the best targeting options for our campaigns. Consider targeting by demographics, interests, behaviors, or other factors.
  4. Help me develop effective landing pages for our campaigns. Determine the design and content that will be most effective in converting clicks into leads or sales.
  5. Help me evaluate our competitors' PPC campaigns. Consider their ad copy to identify areas where we can improve or differentiate ourselves. Give an answer in a table. Here is the list of examples [Add competitors copies].
  6. Determine how we will track and measure the success of our campaigns. Consider using metrics such as: – click-through rate – conversion rate – cost per conversion or others to evaluate their effectiveness.
  7. Help me develop a system for tracking and optimizing our campaigns. Determine how we will monitor: – performance – identify areas for improvement – make necessary adjustments.
  8. [Describe your target audience]. Determine the most effective ad formats for our campaigns. Consider options such as text ads, display ads, or video ads based on our audience's preferences and behavior.
  9. Determine how we will handle negative keywords in our campaigns in the. [industry]. Consider using negative keywords to exclude irrelevant or low-performing searches from our campaigns.
  10. [Describe your customer journey]. Determine the most effective retargeting strategies for our campaigns. Consider retargeting users who have visited our website, abandoned a shopping cart, or interacted with our social media accounts.
  11. [Describe target audience]. Help me determine the best time of day or week to run our campaigns. Consider factors such as our audience's behavior and the level of competition in our industry.
  12. [Describe your budget]. Determine how we can optimize our budget for maximum ROI. Consider adjusting bids, pausing underperforming campaigns, or reallocating funds to high-performing campaigns.
  13. Help me determine how we will continuously test and optimize our campaigns. Consider conducting regular A/B testing, monitoring our competitors' strategies, and experimenting with new ad formats or targeting options.