You go through the onboarding process and get the client set up and settled in. You get excited about the upcoming opportunity. Maybe you share a round of high fives with your team or celebrate with a happy dance in the middle of the office. (What, no one else? Just us? Oh ok…) Then some time goes by, you go on with your daily activities, focus on getting more clients, and grow your business. Then one day you realize that that client you were so excited about is…well, no longer your client. Somehow, at some point, the customer stopped coming back to patronize your store or cancelled his or her subscription. You might even learn that that customer is now your competitor’s customer! On, no! What happened?! You feel like a dummy for losing the customer (and perhaps not even realizing it).

Losing customers is heartbreaking for a small business owner. It is even more so if we take a look at customer retention analytics. After all, it’s so much harder and so much more expensive to sell to new clients as opposed to existing customers

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