I am Diana Catalina Velásquez and I’m Chief Digital Officer at Konecta. It’s a role that’s very exciting and integral to the whole business because our purpose is to be a Data Driven organization that bases its strategy, culture, processes, and decision-making on data to achieve outstanding and sustainable results. And my team and I are at the heart of all that, and I’m proud of what we do and what we’re achieving.

A good example is our Artificial Intelligence and Analytics department, which was established 13 years ago. It’s a global team of over 170 specialists, including data scientists, Machine Learning (ML) and data engineers, cloud specialists, and data analysts, and I have to tell you the breadth and depth of talent and expertise in the team is amazing! The main objective of the department is to develop AI and ML solutions tailored to the needs of the business and clients, enabling data-driven decision-making that allows
● Improvement of internal processes
● Operational excellence
● Generation of business insights to provide value to clients needs and the current analytics portfolio, and to consider the specificities of each sector.

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