The ArenaCX Marketplace now has over 70 partners in our network, with more joining every week!

Updated January 17th, 2022

Since the conception of ArenaCX we’ve understood that a marketplace is only as good as the vendors who serve in it – which is why we’re so incredibly excited to announce that we’ve brought over 70 unique, best-of-breed outsourcing providers into the network representing over 170,000 seats of capacity.

With such a large network of BPOs (business process outsourcers) we’re able to offer a whole lot more of, well, everything.

Industry capabilities are expanded, as well as languages-spoken, locations, hours, etc. Plus, it adds more availability and seats, giving brands and BPOs alike an unparalleled ability to increase their offerings with access to labor they wouldn’t easily be able to access otherwise.

This makes us a one-stop-shop for all business outsourcing needs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a few areas of our marketplace we’re especially proud of and focused on continuously growing & improving.

Partner Quality

We’re always amazed at the good work our partners are doing, and are thrilled to have such a large network of world-class BPOs. But having a large trusted network of partners doesn’t come without hard work and dedication. We’re extremely picky when it comes to including the right partners in our network – the partners we’re confident will provide top-notch value to the brands they serve.

“We thoroughly vet all of our partners, taking extreme care to make sure they possess a solid track record with their clients, have a proven recruiting acumen, safe and worker-friendly facilities (if applicable), strong and engaged management team, solid financial history, and general partnership disposition that make them a good fit for our marketplace. We do not allow just any interested outsourcing provider into our network.”

– Bo Boyd, Vice President of Operations

Some of the criteria BPOs must meet to be considered are determined through the creation of a robust BPO profile. This profile includes all the high-level details about that outsourced services provider including the number of agents or seats currently available in their network, their locations, their skills & services offered, certifications they hold, etc.

But it also includes areas that require a little more digging to truly get to know them like their performance history, what their past and present clients think of the partnership, and what their references have to say about them.

Once profile creation is complete and we deem a BPO a good fit for the marketplace, they’ve earned their spot on our ready-to-admit vendor list.

However, that still does not guarantee acceptance. (I told you we were picky).

We then look into a variety of other factors, such as their corporate social responsibility policies, how strong of a fit they are for our marketplace (are they team players?), their ability to bring a unique offering into our network… the list goes on.

Note: You can find additional details on the ArenaCX vetting and acceptance criteria here.

Finally, once we’ve checked all the boxes, we admit our new partner into the ArenaCX Marketplace with complete confidence that they will be a strong partner to us and the brands they serve through our marketplace.

This rigorous vetting process is one that we’re extremely proud of because it means we’re taking the hard work out of finding outsourced service providers for our clients. Marketplace members can rest easy knowing that ArenaCX can serve them providers who offer exactly what they’re looking for in only a fraction of the time & effort they would’ve spent finding, vetting, selecting, onboarding, and training partners on their own.

BPO Diversity

When you choose ArenaCX, you get more than a single BPO partner can offer. We’re proud to offer a diverse set of partners in every aspect:

Impact Sourcing

It’s important to us that our BPOs are doing right by their staff and their communities and we never cease to be impressed by the many ways our partners are helping make the world a better place.

➡️ We have partners in our network who are women-owned and minority-owned.

➡️ We have partners who help employ the underprivileged or underrepresented members of their communities.

➡️ We have partners who help prisoners & ex-convicts find work as they rejoin society.

We’re incredibly proud of our partners efforts to give back and are always looking to add more partners like this to our network. If you’re a BPO, or you know a BPO, who represents underrepresented populations or impacted communities, we’d love to get to know more about you by filling out this form!

Geographic Diversification

Being a global marketplace gives us the unique ability to offer operations in 22 countries across the globe, at 71 different sites (not including our fully remote partners), speak over 20 languages, and work in any time zone.

The flexibility and resiliency geo-diversification gives a business cannot be over-stated, which you can read more about in this blog.

Size Variation

We have BPOs ranging from smaller boutique shops, to gig economy players, to large corporations, with partners who serve brands like Apple, DirectTV, and Santander Bank.

This diverse set of outsourced service providers means that no matter a business’s size or scale, multiple partners in our network are ready to support their labor needs, from 5 seats to 10,000 seats. We’re also able to offer shared teams and dedicated teams depending on the needs and scale of your business.


Need a partner who is specialized in certain areas? No problem. Our extensive list of global BPOs offers access to specialization in diverse areas, including extremely data sensitive areas like medical, telecommunications, and cyber security.

Network partners currently hold certifications like:
hipaa, copc, ferpa, pci, fdcpa, cpni, soc2, iso14001, iso45001, iso 27001, iso9001… and we’re always adding new partners who bring additional certifications into the marketplace.

Robust Expertise in Nearly All Business Functions

From the more common areas of outsourcing to even the most niche industries, our partners are well-trusted in their areas of expertise. Uniquely, we have partners in our marketplace who excel in tele-medicine, even working with higher education to employ registered nurses in their programs.

We have other partners in our network who are specially trusted by highly technical companies that require their agents to understand and help customers through troubleshooting complex problems.

While these are just a couple of examples highlighting the unique & specialized capabilities our partners bring to the table, we also many partners dedicated to specific functions that nearly all businesses need like:

⚪ Customer Experience Solutions & Agents
⚪ Sales Reps & Marketing Experts
⚪ Finance & Accounting Gurus
⚪ Back Office & Admin Workers
⚪ HR & Recruiting Professionals

Client Success & Results

Since the start of ArenaCX we’ve helped connect brands with incredible BPO partners. From companies in the telecommunications industry, to fashion wholesalers, to performance management software companies – ArenaCX has been able to help companies achieve a level of flexibility and scalability that would’ve taken immense effort to achieve on their own.

One client success story we’re particularly proud of is from one of our newest clients in need of a team of customer service agents to support the launch of a new product. Within hours, we were able to understand the needs, build a portfolio of recommended BPO partners, and deliver indicative pricing for those partners. Within a week, we worked with the brand to select the right partner selections and begin training for their upcoming launch.

Normally, finding a trusted BPO would take months. Using ArenaCX, we’re able to connect our members with trusted BPOs much faster… in this case, a single week.

Note: You can see more ArenaCX customer stories here.

We’re so proud of the partners in our network and the incredible opportunities our marketplace has created for brands and BPOs alike, to simplify the way outsourcing relationships are managed.

We’re always growing and looking for more incredible partners to join the marketplace, and – of course – looking for more brands to reap the benefits of being able to access a world of outsourcers on a single platform.


About the Author: ArenaCX

ArenaCX is the global marketplace for CX solutions. Leveraging our meticulously vetted roster of hundreds of elite BPOs, alongside a robust stack of technology and implementation solutions, our marketplace platform matches organizations with the providers that best fit their needs and facilitates the entire process — from RFP, to contract, and beyond.


ArenaCX is the global marketplace for CX solutions. Leveraging our meticulously vetted roster of hundreds of elite BPOs, alongside a robust stack of technology and implementation solutions, our marketplace platform matches organizations with the providers that best fit their needs and facilitates the entire process — from RFP, to contract, and beyond.

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