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Staying ahead of the competition requires innovative approaches — and here at ArenaCX, that’s what we’re all about. Our latest venture exemplifies our commitment to optimizing efficiency and productivity, which is why we’re so proud to announce CXHub, powered by ArenaCX, in partnership with Broadvoice.

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Brought to market by Broadvoice and powered by ArenaCX, CXHub is a game-changing marketplace combining on-demand software and labor. While aimed at CCaaS and UCaaS users, CXHub provides industrial strength and best-in-class talent for most use cases. Harnessing the unrivaled scope and scale of the ArenaCX marketplace, platform for customer experience, and Contact Center, Talent, Technology, and transformation, this program grants customers seamless access to exceptional, thoroughly vetted global outsourcing talent — and facilitates the process from needs assessment to contracting to onboarding, and beyond. All customers need to do is add this program to their software purchases. 

Yes, it’s really that simple. Here’s what else to know about our latest partnership.

Driving Success for Small and Mid-Market Businesses

At ArenaCX, our mission has always been to empower businesses to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. We understand outsourcing has been a well-guarded secret of success for many Fortune 500 companies, but we firmly believe it should be accessible to businesses of all sizes. With CXHub, we’ve leveled the playing field. Small and medium-sized enterprises can now harness the cost savings, performance improvements, and industry best practices previously reserved for the big players. These advantages are crucial for survival and success in today’s competitive economy and customer-centric culture for companies running from SMBs all the way up to enterprise organizations.

Hand-Picked Partners for Confident Outsourcing 

We understand the significance of trust in any business relationship. As such, all outsourcing partners within CXHub are carefully curated, selected, and approved for CCaaS and UCaaS customers looking to expand their labor through the platform. This meticulous vetting process ensures you can outsource with absolute confidence, knowing you will receive exceptional service at competitive prices and fair terms. 

A Comprehensive Partnership 

CXHub opens doors to outsourcing excellence and cements ArenaCX’s status as a premier authorized partner of Broadvoice, a leading CCaaS and UCaaS solutions provider. This partnership adds another layer of synergy to the ArenaCX contact center technology stack, encompassing hardware, software, staff augmentation (BPO), and professional services. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to achieve seamless integration and unlocks the full potential of their contact center operations. 

We believe CXHub has the power to revolutionize the way an organization does business. Together with Broadvoice, we’re committed to transforming your outsourcing journey. 

The visionary and architect behind ArenaCX, Alan draws upon his supply chain expertise and marketplace experience to help companies find, manage, and optimize their CX solutions. Alan's previous role as Vice President of Member Experience and Supply Chain at Republic Wireless earned recognition from Forbes, Netomi, and the Association of Support Professionals. With a global operations background, an MBA from Duke University as a Fuqua Scholar, and an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification, Alan is committed to reshaping the way the world does business.
Alan Pendleton - Founder & CEO

Alan Pendleton - Founder & CEO

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