Your business needs partners that can adapt and keep up with your growing customer service needs. Unfortunately, with traditional contact centers, you still have to enter into long term deals with little recourse for poor performance.

This can leave you stuck in an agreement that isn’t aligned with your business needs. At ArenaCX, we are trying to fix the industry model by bringing market principles and transparency to deliver better support to customers, KPI improvement for businesses, and increases in revenue and margins for contact centers.

Read more about the benefits of outsourcing with ArenaCX in our recent blog post. What are our four critical steps to ensure your outsourcing success?

  1. Establish BPO TermsFirst, ArenaCX ensures a smooth BPO onboarding process by pre-screening BPOs invited into our network and establishing a universal set of terms for all parties engaging on the marketplace.

    When you work with us, our team will assess your needs and determine the number of contact center partners we recommend for your business. Your dedicated account manager will also put together a short-list of partners we recommend for your business.

  2. Capacity PlanAlso, we forecast based on the true unit of demand: customer tickets. Our built-in forecasting tool uses a company’s ticket history to create a statistical forecast of expected demand. Your success manager will then work with you to layer on forecasts for planned events like sales, product launches, etc.

    These forecasts give our contact center partners the ability to plan for your expected volume, so they staff up on their side to meet your increased needs. Similarly, if you have seasonal lulls, you aren’t stuck paying for agents that you don’t need. A win for you, your customers, and the contact center partner.

  3. Create Aligned IncentivesArenaCX corrects the inherent misalignment in the standard company-BPO relationship by bringing market dynamics and competition into the mix. A part of the software underpinning the marketplace, ArenaCX’s routing engine awards tickets based on real-time performance.

    If a team or agent performs better on a specific type of ticket than other teams or agents, they will receive more of that same type of ticket, all else being held equal. This leads to a virtuous cycle of metric improvement and teams playing to their strengths.

  4. Measure SuccessLastly, performance scores and traffic queues are monitored in real-time. So, should a team or agent be in a state of SLA-breach that exceeds your tolerance, ArenaCX will automatically decrease that team’s share of the incoming traffic to prevent the “piling on” of interactions to a team that is in backlog. This proactive queue monitoring saves you the management burden of tracking BPO performance and gives you peace of mind that your customers are being handled by the right agents.

    Getting started with ArenaCX is easy. The software sits on top of your existing support tool suite, and gives you instant access to our network of vetted BPO partners.

    If you have existing relationships with BPOs or an internal support team, you can utilize the ArenaCX software to continue to ensure they receive their necessary ticket volume, while tapping the marketplace to handle any unforeseen peaks. Leverage the ArenaCX software to see how your existing teams’ performance truly stacks up against the competition. If you want a low risk and flexible way to explore contact center partnerships, we’d love to help.

About the Author: ArenaCX

ArenaCX is the global marketplace for CX solutions. Leveraging our meticulously vetted roster of hundreds of elite BPOs, alongside a robust stack of technology and implementation solutions, our marketplace platform matches organizations with the providers that best fit their needs and facilitates the entire process — from RFP, to contract, and beyond.

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